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Vale Nickel Plating Chips

We are distributors of Nickel-Plating Chips from Vale Inco, Canada in Indian Market.


  • Vale Inco - Canada

Type of material:

  • Disc shaped pieces of Nickel with diameter approximately 17-25 mm and thickness approximately 4-5 mm


  • 99.98%


  • 50 Kg Box with five 10 Kg bags inside, 20 boxes per pallet


  • Electroplating
  • Plating on Plastics
  • Electroform Screens

Additional Information:

  • Our Nickel-Plating Chips are produced by unique carbonyl gas refining process at the Copper Cliff Nickel Refinery in Sudbury, Canada.
  • Their unique shape prevents the formation of bridges and voids in the basket.
  • It settles uniformly in basket, ensuring uniform current density and high-quality deposits.
  • Delivery Time - Immediate Ready Stock in our Bhiwandi Warehouse