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Hydrazine Hydrate

We are distributors of Hydrazine Hydrate from China, Indonesia, France in Indian Market.


  • China, Indonesia, France

Type of material:

  • Colourless Transparent Liquid


  • 64%
  • 80%


  • 200 Kg


  • Organic synthesis intermediates (agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing of chemicals, etc)
  • Laboratory reagent in fine chemicals
  • Reducing agent in metals (purification of precious metals in the mining industry, etc)
  • Corrosion inhibitor in industrial boilers, nuclear and/or thermal power plants
  • Lime scale and heavy metal scavenger in water treatment
  • Oxygen scavenger on ultra-high pressure industrial sites
  • Blowing agent for polymer (PE, PVC, PMMA, EVA, rubber, etc) foams

Additional Information:

  • The quality is approved by worldwide agrochemical and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Delivery Time - Immediate Ready Stock in our Bhiwandi Warehouse